Our Scholarship Recipients

I was both proud and honoured when I found out that I was a recipient of the prestigious Groves Family Foundation Scholarship. It is because of this foundation’s generous support, that I will be going off to college as a first generation college student. Growing up on an island where not that many people have the opportunity to pursue tertiary education, this has given me an attitude of gratitude, and driven me even more to pursue my goals and dreams.

This scholarship means everything to me. It will enable me to pursue my dream of becoming a software engineering expert, as well as enable me to expand upon my existing knowledge by learning as much as possible along the way, without having to worry about a financial burden. I personally thank the foundation for believing in me, and impacting my life in a way which will never be forgotten.”

    — Asya J.

My name is Mikara, and I am a senior at Barry University. After years of not being able to complete my degree, the Groves Family Foundation awarded me this scholarship. Consequently, I am able to achieve my Bachelor Degree in Clinical Biology with a specialization in Medical Technology. I am forever grateful to this awesome foundation who believed in me and supported me in my academic path to success.”

    — Mikara P.

My name is Deshon Joseph, and I am a proud recipient of the Groves Family Foundation Scholarship. The year 2020 was a challenging year; factors that influenced this included the effects of the 2019 hurricane Dorian as well as the most recent pandemic: COVID-19. After hurricane Dorian, the island of Grand Bahama slowly reached its restoration phase. Homes and businesses started to be rebuilt and persons finally began to cope with the loss of their loved ones. Unfortunately, COVID-19 made its debut resulting in greater unemployment numbers and more emotional turmoil.

In a time where the government could not fully assist students and when most parents were financially challenged, the Groves Family Foundation helped me in a time of need. I express immense gratitude to the Groves Family Foundation for being a beam of light in a dark tunnel and choosing to invest in my future. I hope to one day be able to significantly impact the lives of others in a way that the Groves Family Foundation has impacted mine.”

    — Deshon J.

I am extremely proud to have received this scholarship and immensely grateful. This scholarship has massively eased the financial burden that university would have created for my family, especially after losing our home in Hurricane Dorian and the loss of my father's job in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has allowed me to feel genuinely excited about university rather than only worrying about the financial cost. Although I've only been at McGill University for a short time, I am extremely happy and so very grateful that this scholarship has given me the opportunity to continue my education here.”

    — Sara P.

“I’m currently the Project Engineer over a $500 Million 21 mile highway job in Gaffney, South Carolina, home of some of the best peaches 🍑.

The Groves Family Foundation scholarship came right on time when I most needed it. I signed up for college classes not knowing how I would pay for it, AND purchased a one way airplane ticket to Charlotte, North Carolina where I studied. All I knew was that I wanted to become a Civil Engineer.

Through the grace of God and the generosity of the Groves Family Foundation, I was able to achieve a Civil Engineering Degree at UNC Charlotte debt free! I’m so grateful to the foundation for investing in my future.”

    — Charles R.

“My name is Lauren, and I am a Freshman at Columbia University in the City of New York. I am majoring in Sustainable Development with a focus on renewable energy, climate change, and biodiversity. After my studies, I intend to return to The Bahamas and concentrate on promoting a sustainable future. I am truly grateful to the Groves Family Foundation for awarding me a financial scholarship and allowing me to realize my goals and ambition. Thank you for believing in me.”

    — Lauren R.

“ I received a scholarship from the Groves Family Foundation to attend Ashford University, formerly Mount St. Clare, Iowa, in 1991. At Mount St. Clare I studied accounting and in December 1994 completed my Bachelor of Arts degree. I went on to sit and pass the Certified Public Accounting Exam (CPA) and in 2000 obtained my CPA from the Georgia State Board of Accountancy . Currently, I am a practicing accountant and a member and licensee of the Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Prior to being a recipient of the Groves Family Foundation scholarship my desire to attend college full-time seemed nearly impossible. It was because of this scholarship that I was able to, among other things, focus full-time on my education, travel and experience life abroad. The scholarship has propelled me successfully on my current career path. I am deeply grateful to the donors and administrators for their exceptional commitment to me as well as to the nation's youth, in general. I wish to thank them personally for selecting me and making a positive difference in my life. ”

    — Natishkah B.